Peter M – Vice President, National Board of Trade

Anthony Guido – Realtor

Ravi Dabiesingh – Talent Manager

Mike Bradford – Business Coach


Mahmoud“I’ve been fortunate to have been working with Scott for close to 6 years and the positive impact on my life is beyond measurable. Scott’s groundedness, presence and commitment to my growth and development never goes unnoticed or unrecognized. I find myself with my heart open, and steadfast in my life and in my relationship and finally feel like I can honour myself AND my woman in my relationship, not sacrifice on one. I look forward to when we speak each and every time because I know I will leave with new insights, new actions and new found power to take on my life.”

Dr. Mahmoud Zaerian, CSCS, BA (Kin) – Contemporary Medical Acupuncture and Chiropractor

Jesse“Scott’s provided me with invaluable coaching through many conversations over the last 5 years. These conversations have helped me learn more about myself, who I am in relationships, and made a positive impact in my life. I highly recommend Scott as a coach whether you’re in a relationship or not.”

Jesse Farb – Realtor

MartyScott DeStephanis has been a significant contribution to the success of my current relationship. His listening and advice have been instrumental in my communications with my partner. There have been times when upset would occur to the point of seeing no option but to end the relationship. Scott has time and again listened and understood what was really going on and coached me on what was there to do, what there was to say, and most importantly what there was for me to get about the whole thing.

He gets it, and knows what to do. What else is there to say?

With respect and appreciation,

Marty White – Business Owner

nasser3 yrs ago when I met Scott, I was physically , emotionally,  mentally , financially……….  sub broke !!!!
After I worked with Scott, I have become the number one top mortgage broker in our office and our company. The things that before were only dreams, have become my life . Because of Scott, I was reborn again. Believe me I love the man I have become because of him. Thank you so very much again coach DeStephanis!!!!!!!!!!

Nasser Yaltigan – Mortgage Broker

I first connected with Scott to deal with a failing marriage. There was no rescuing it. But, Scott allowed me to stay sane during the process.

I later reconnected with Scott, because I found I had lost my way. I felt very much like a broken plate that needed to be put back together, but I had no idea where to start. As anyone that has tried to put a plate back together will understand – it may look fine, but there are cracks. That is what I felt like. Frankly, my life was shit.

The most important thing to remember is that when you are in the middle of a storm, it is hard to focus on the bigger picture. You focus on the situation at hand. Neither is necessarily good or bad, but if you focus too much on one, and not enough on the other, you tend to lose perspective. In this case I was focusing on the crap. What I had forgotten about, was that I had raised, almost singlehandedly, an amazing daughter. She is smart enough to understand what she is and where she wants to go. We talk everyday, even about silly things, many fathers do not have that luxury. I do! Especially with a 17 year old!

I had forgotten that. I was focusing so much on the negative; what I didn’t have after my divorce. After speaking with Scott for an hour, I realized that I had a tremendous opportunity to really show my daughter what can be done. Scott and I spoke bluntly and pulled no punches. It helped. Scott helped to get me back on track and allow me to focus on what I had accomplished, not what was screwed up. True, I may have reached the same conclusion on my own, but how far down the road would that have been? I don’t want to think about that. What I know is that speaking with Scott for that 1 hour, made a huge impact. For that reason, I would be happy to recommend Scott.

George F. – Executive