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You might be wondering, “So why should I believe what Scott has to say?”

Well, you shouldn’t believe me blindly…or anyone, for that matter. But I invite you to try out what I have to offer, experiment with what you learn and see if it works for you.

Relationships can be stressful. I don’t know anyone who’s really succeeded in their relationship without a support network of some kind. That’s why I’ve designed my programs to give you the support and insight you need to have your relationship thrive. We’ll connect online or over the phone  one on one for weekly or bi-weekly sessions and by working together you’ll turn your relationship from something stressful and a source of pain, to one of fulfillment and a source of happiness.

How you show up in your relationship is how you show up in the world.

Throughout our work together, we’ll focus on a few main things that will help turn your relationship around.

  1. Integrity – Are you operating from your highest purpose and can you be relied on to keep your promises?
  2. Communication – How to understand what your partner is really saying and how to communicate what you really mean
  3. Resentments & Regrets – What are the major events in your relationship that may not be healed for either of you? Those events often time have a major impact on the current state of your relationship
  4. Being present – Through our work together, you’ll develop a greater awareness and sense of focus with yourself and your partner
  5. Seduction/Romance – You’ll discover all the ways to be powerful in your relationship and create anticipation and sexual tension to fuel love and romance with your partner.

My programs are based on results and together on our calls we’ll figure out the best time frame suited based on the outcome you want. I’m clear that my coaching makes a huge difference for the men I work with and it’s because of that I offer a full money back guarantee with all of my programs. If after 2 sessions you feel you haven’t gotten the value out of them, I’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked!

If you are interested in learning more about how I work, here’s where you can go to set up a Relationship Accelerator Session.

This is a 1 on 1 call that we’ll do together where we can talk fully about your relationship and create a plan for you to get where you want to go. You’ll get one full 60 minute session, and it’s totally free, THEN you can decide if you want to work together further.

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To your relationship success,